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Struggling with your dog's behavior?

Behavior concerns we can help solve:

  • Door Dashing

  • Excessive Barking

  • Fears of Novel Items, Places, People

  • Jumping on Guests

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Off- Leash Recall

  • Pulling on Walks

  • Reactivity to Strangers

  • Resource Guarding

  • Separation Distress

Dogerati Dog Training Behavior Solutions Package
Dogs Peeking Over Barrier

Virtual or In Person Coaching Packages Includes:

30 minute - 1hr sessions

Video reviews

Shared google folder with updates, handouts, videos, and homework

Digital support for 30 days after package is complete.

Virtual or In Person Coaching Consist Of:

  • Discussion: We ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand the details of your dogs behavior. We discuss management, enrichment, training.

  • Learning: We help you to understand the complexities of your dog's behavior through the lens of their previous learning history, their environment, if and how their genetics play a role, and them as an individual.

  • Training:  We give you specific instructions for training and coach you through training sessions - either virtually or in person.

  • Homework: You will be responsible to implement the training we show you into your everyday life. We will provide text, email, and other digital support throughout the package and beyond.

  • Video Monitoring and Feedback: You will be asked to take  videos of your training sessions and your dogs behavior as you work through the package. These videos help us determine if you are on the right track. We send feedback, tips and instructions as needed so you can continue to progress.

Pricing for Behavior Sessions:

Initial Consultation and single sessions 60 minute -  $150

Package 1 =  4 - 60 minute Sessions $500

Package 2 =  6 - 60 minute Sessions $700

Package 3 =  8 - 60 minute Sessions $900

How to Work With Us


A 60 minute virtual consultation is required for all new clients

What you can expect during a behavior or initial consultation:

  • Discuss the behavior intake form (filled out by you at least 48 hours before your consultation)

  • Evaluate the details of your dogs behavior history and wellness

  • Establish training goals and expectations

  • Discuss the factors that are contributing to behavior concerns

  • Immediate actionable steps you can take to improve behavior

  • A recording of the session

  • Notes with links to resources

  • Discuss our coaching packages for longer term support

Zoom Behavior Consultation

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