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Nadja Juliana Wiese with Dogs
Nadja Juliana Wiese Doodle Dog

Hi! I’m Nadja Juliana Wiese VSA-CDT, FDM

My love for animals started at a very young age, developed into a passion and ultimately became my life's work. I have dedicated the last 20 years to caring for client's pets with my dog walking and pet sitting business, Rain City Dog Walks.  The many years spent working with animals made me realize that my true passion is helping to improve the lives and relationships of dogs and their people by building trust, communication and understanding.

My main goals when working with a client is to help you:

  • Understand how your dog learns and communicates. What drives their behavior and how you can better teach them skills to to be successful in their lives with you.

  • Understand how to manage the environment in a way that gives you and your dog the best chance of success.

  • Understand how your dogs genetics effect their behavior and how you can meet their instinctual needs.

  • See your dog as an individual and better understand them from their perspective.

Why choose a certified dog trainer?

  • The dog industry is unregulated - anyone can call themselves a dog trainer

  • People who do not have any educational background in dog training or behavior can claim to be professionals - often causing more harm than good

  • Hiring a certified professional will ensure your trainer has the knowledge and skill to help you and your dog meet your goals in a safe and healthy way

  • Most certified dog trainers are committed to continuing education

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My recent continuing education includes:

  • Karen Pryor Academy: Cooperative Care: Husbandry at Home with Laura Monaco Torelli 2023

  • L.E.G.S Conference 2022

  • Grisha Stewart Evolution of B.A.T. 3.0 

  • Marissa Martino: Big Feelings: Supporting our Clients Living with Dog Reactivity

  • Shay Kelly: Canine Enrichment

  • Simone Mueller: Rocket Recall

  • Simone Mueller: Predation Substitute Training

My heart dogs and the inspiration for my work:

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