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Dogerati Dog Training Basic Manners Class

Basic Manners Online Class

Learn the fundamentals of dog training and build foundation behaviors. This class will set you and your dog up for a successful start to your training journey!

Each session will be recorded and a link to the recording will be sent to your email on file. If you miss the live class or if you want to review the class you will have access to the video.

This class is open enrollment - meaning you can enter the class at any time there is a free spot. The trainer will tailor the activities to each dog, so you’ll always be practicing at the right level.



  • Learn from the comfort of your own home

  • 4 weeks of zoom meetings

  • Access to a private community

  • Small class size

What you will learn in Dogerati's Basic Manners Class
Your Skill Set:
  • Intro to positive reinforcement training

  • How to manage your environment to set your dog up for success

  • How your dog learns and communicates

  • How to problem solve when in challenging situations

Your Dog's Skill Set:
  • Basic behaviors and foundations for the advanced manners class

  • Engagement in increasingly distracting environments

  • How to learn

  • Relaxation and alone time training

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