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Training Fundamentals On-Demand Course


This course is for students who have completed Puppy Head Start or those with older or newly rescued dogs who want to learn more about their dog and teach them the basics. Your dog wants to spend time with you. You want a well-mannered companion. In this class, you both win! Working as a team, you will help your dog learn basic skills and practice training exercises. In Basic Manners One we will teach you to train your dog to respond to their name, and cues such as attention, sit, stand, down, touch, give, settle, release cue leave it and much more! This is a completely self-guided class with the option to add online sessions with your trainer Nadja. This course focuses on good behavior in the home and getting ready to get out in the community for your dog/ older puppy! You will learn specific skills like sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, greeting people and dogs, and more!





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